tally erp9 training




The Vertical Bar available on the right side of the screen contains various Buttons to activate the necessary options. They can be activated either by clicking the buttons or by pressing the relative Functional Keys viz. F1, F2, etc., The Functional Keys with underscore (F1) can be pressed along with ‘Alt’ Key (Alt+F1). Press the Functional Key with double underscore, (F12) along with ‘Ctrl’ Key (Ctrl +F12)


Help is the unique feature of Tally 9 Any clarification can be made by opening the relative chapter through Help button. To use the Tally to its full depth, we can read the Help chapters. To activate Help topics, either click ‘Help’ button or press Alt+H.

Web Browser

One more feature available in Tally 9 is Web Browser. Browser may be opened by clicking ‘Web Browser’ Button or pressing ’Alt + W’ without switching over the window. The Browser will open the website www.tallysolutions.com by default. After browsing the website, click End Browser’ to close the Browser.


It is used to upload any Report, Statement, and Data from Tally to Internet


By clicking E-Mail Button, Invoices, Sales Orders, Reminder Letter to thecustomers, Purchase Orders to the Suppliers, etc., may be sent. We have to configure in such a way by giving SMTP server name of our Internet Service provider. If the name given once, it will be remembered by Tally. (To select, press Alt+M)


It is useful for exporting reports like Trial Balance, Stock Summary, etc.

Optional Vouchers

This is a non-accounting voucher and not a Voucher Type. An existing voucher or a newly created voucher may be marked as ‘Optional Voucher’ when the transaction is incomplete or doubtful. On a later date, we can regularise it by clicking the ‘Optional Button’. This button toggles between ‘Optional’ and ‘Regular’.

Post-dated Vouchers

When we post a voucher, we can mark it as post-dated voucher. Tally will include it on the due date. For example, if we have to pay regular payments every month, we can post them by marking them as post-dated vouchers. Click ‘Post-dated’ button to toggle between ‘Post-dated’ and ‘Current’ option.

F1: Select Company

By clicking the button or by pressing F1, we can select the Company from the list of available Companies. Any number of Companies may be opened at a time

F1: Shut Company

Click this button or press Alt + F1 to close the active company without closing Tally or any other Company.

F2: Date

Single date can be changed by pressing F2.

F2: Period

Duration can be changed by using Period option.

F3: Company

Companies listed in Tally are selected with the help of ‘F3: Company’.

F3: Cmp Info

This option helps us to invoke ‘Company Info’ thereby we can alter the Company information.

F11: Features

As we discussed earlier, Features may be activated by pressing F11.

F12: Configure

Configurations may be suitably made using ‘F12: Configure’ button.


When a Report is displayed, new columns may be created by clicking ‘NEW/AUTO COLUMNS’. Under New Column specify the date range; under Auto Column, select the period shown in the list.


New column and Auto columns are deleted or altered by clicking ALTER/DEL COLUMN buttons.