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All receipts to the Company either by cash or cheque are entered by clicking ‘Receipt’ button or by pressing F6.


All payment vouchers are entered by selecting ‘Payment’ voucher type. Payments made by company by cash or cheque are payment transactions. F5 can be used to select ‘payment’. 11 Tally ERP9


Transactions where cash or Bank is not involved are entered by selecting ‘Journal Voucher’ type.


Depositing company’s cash into Bank and withdrawing cash for office expenses from Bank are entered through ‘contra’ voucher type.


All credit sales transactions are posted by selecting ‘Sales’ voucher type where as cash sales are entered through Receipt.


Similarly, all credit purchases are posted through ‘purchase’ voucher type whereas cash purchases are posted by ‘payment’ voucher type.

Debit Note

Debit Note is useful when we return the damaged goods to the Supplier or in case of undercharging a customer.This can be prepared by pressing F7: Journal Button. Three options will be shown as Journal, Debit Note and Credit Note. Select Debit Note and enter the details called for.

Credit Note

Credit Note is prepared when the customers return the damaged goods to us or in case of over charging customer. When preparing Debit Note/Credit Note activate them under F11: Features ‘Debit Note and Credit


This acts as a reminder service during voucher posting. For Example, if we have to pay the Insurance premium on a later date, post the voucher by selecting “Memorandum voucher type” and date. On the respective date, it will remind you of the transaction.

Reversing Journal

This Voucher Type is used as another type of memo voucher. This will be dealt with in the future chapters.


Stock Journal

Stock Journal is used to enter the transactions like transfer of goods from one Godown to another Godown or from one Godown to Sales p4lace or from goods of one stage to another stage viz. Raw Materials to Semi-Finished Goods or Semi-Finished Goods to Finished Goods.

(Gateway of Tally -->Inventory Vouchers -->Alt+F7)

Receipt Note

Receipt Note is useful to enter the particulars of goods we receive when we purchase goods from our suppliers. When goods are purchased, the suppliers will enter all the details in their Delivery Note or Delivery Challan. We should enter these details in the Receipt Note.

(Gateway of Tally -->Inventory Vouchers -->Alt+F9)

Delivery Note

When we sell goods to our Customers, Delivery Note Voucher Type is used to record all the particulars of goods sold, etc.

(Gateway of Tally --> Inventory Vouchers --> Alt+F8)

Purchase Order

Purchase Order is used to create orders to buy goods from our Suppliers on a future date.

(Gateway of Tally --> Inventory Vouchers--> Alt+F9)

Sales Order

To record the orders received from our Customers for supply of Goods, we can use Sales Orders. (Gateway of Tally--> Inventory Vouchers -->Alt+F8)

Rejections In

After selling goods, the customers may return some of them on they found defective, to us. They are entered in ‘Rejections In’ Voucher Type.

(Gateway of Tally--> Inventory Vouchers -->Alt+F9)

Rejections Out

In the same way, when we take delivery of goods from our suppliers, some may be defective, and we may have to return them to the suppliers. When we reject the goods, they are entered in ‘Rejections Out’ voucher Type. 33 Tally ERP9

(Gateway of Tally à Inventory Vouchers à Alt+F8)

Physical Stock

To record the actual stock items Physical Stock is used. This is called stock-in-hand.

(Gateway of Tally à Inventory Vouchers à Alt+F10)